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Monday, September 5, 2011

So Long Summer!!!

Hey there!  Well, it's been two weeks since school started back and we are back to the grind...but not without some noteworthy and interesting events!

Earthquakepocalypse and Hurricanepocalypse:
For those of you who have been hiding under your beds, the East coast had some odd run-ins with Mother Nature recently.  First, two weeks ago, I was in our bedroom, getting ready for school, and all of a sudden I felt shaking.  At first I thought it was a truck, then I thought the world was ending, then I thought the Metro trains had crashed, and then I realized: it's an Earthquake!!!  It was crazy!  We rarely get earthquakes back here (at least one's that we can feel), so I was quite taken by surprise.  Actually, the last earthquake I remember feeling was when I was little - I was at my grandma's house and we thought a helicopter was flying too low...but it was nothing compared to what we had the other day!  Things literally shook so hard that wall hangings fell, things got knocked off shelves, and Honey got scared :(  Luckily, no severe harm was had, and I even got to meet Wolf Blitzer doing his report from downtown.

That's Wolf Blitzer, under the umbrella.
Not too long after things settled down from the earthquake, things got crazy, thanks to a little lady named Irene.  Hurricane Irene (as I'm sure you heard about on the news), was supposed to be this huge hurricane that would devastate the East coast.  Luckily it didn't, but since we didn't know what would happen, everyone was freaking out: stores were crowded, gas was hard to come by, and all that was on TV was weather!  By the time the storm got here, it had weakened significantly, so we only got rain and winds...although strong enough to knock out our power (see the photo below) and cause a delayed opening for school.

The tree by these apartments got knocked down by Irene!

All the rain caused some interesting mushrooms to sprout!
Since all this crazy weather, things have been pretty calm and things have gone back to normal.  My theory behind it all?  The law Gods aren't quite ready for us to rock it this year at school ;)

Back to School
Speaking of school, we started back two weeks ago now.  Since being back, things have been busy (as usual!) but really great!  In addition to school, I'm working with a judge on the DC Superior Court on Tuesdays and Thursdays, working as a Dean's Fellow for the Integrated Curriculum Program (a.k.a. I'm a mentor/help to new students and get to take them to coffee/lunch on the school's dime!), and (of course) on the job hunt for a summer associate position for next summer!  It's crazy to be applying for jobs already, but in law school, that's how you gotta do it to land a job (thank you job market!).  Luckily, I have second round interview next Wednesday with a great firm in DC, so wish me luck!

Other than school, Seth is continuing to love his new job and is keeping busy with freelance work.  We're both pretty amazed that summer flew by so quickly, but we are in the process of planning some fun getaways for the Fall.  In the mean time, check out the pic/video below of some of the fun we've had here in DC!

Street band playing downtown - they were great!

Labor Day Weekend
Luckily for us, school didn't get too far into full swing before we were blessed with the Labor Day holiday weekend!  Seth and I headed to Fredericksburg to meet Mom and Skeeter for a road trip to see Aunt Peggy and Glen in Buena Vista.  As always, it's fun to road trip with those characters, and we had a nice trip.  After crashing at Mom's and having lunch with her and Dad at La Pizzeria, it was back to DC for a weekend of school and work!  Unfortunately, the weekend has already come to a close (booo!) but it's OK, because life is good and "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is on in 5 minutes!!!  Until the next time, much love and hugs...and hopefully laughs (see below!):

Finally the answer to the question:
What happens when a gay man changes a lightbulb?


megaseth said...

Next time leave the handy work to me :)

Munchy's Mama said...

LOL- I took one look at that light bulb and knew that wasn't Seth's handywork.(: That's what good hubby's are for.

Love you guys. SO glad you were safe and the your date with Irene wasn't a tragic one.