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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn is Arriving

Well, helloooo there!  Hope all is well with you - things are crazy around here (as always), but life is still good! :)

The past couple of weeks (gasp - it's been more than a week since my last update!) have been sooo busy I have barely had time to breathe, but hopefully things are about to settle down a little bit!  Balancing school, work, and the JOB SEARCH have been basically all consuming... but it seems to be paying off!  Last week, I had my first callback interview with a firm here in DC.  Basically, that means six interviews (each thirty minutes) for the first half of the day.  It went really well, so let's hope for good things!  Speaking of hoping, it's funny how when you think positive thoughts, you draw in positive things.  On Friday, I was kind of having a freak out moment and stressing about how hard the job search is, and I decided to just be positive and believe that it will all work out for the best.  Literally, about a half hour after making up my mind to stay positive, the phone rang and I was offered another callback with a firm in Baltimore - hooray!

With all else going on, I also always keep in mind one motto: All work and no play makes Brandon a dull boy - i.e. Friday we met some friends downtown for a fun night of dinner, dancing, and good times!  Then, yesterday, Mega Seth and I headed off to Mt. Airy, Maryland to do a wine tasting at Liganore Winery - and boy was it yummy!

Our wine and cheese! Yummmm!

Mista Seth in front of the winery.

Yours truly after a great day at the winery.

So pretty, I hope you can all come and visit with us :)

Our trip to the winery sort of symbolized the end of summer (well, at least in Groupon's eyes!) and this week we officially move from summer to fall.  I can't believe that summer flew by so fast, and that my favorite time of the year is fast approaching.  But never fear, we won't let summer's end stop us from having fun...there is lots more in store...and that means lots more fun to share with you on the blog!  But until then, it's time to go for our run and keep on pace with our Urbanathalon Training :)  Much love and hugs until the next time!


Munchy's Mama said...

Sounds lovely. That's it! I'm jelly. I'm so going to go have a glass of wine from my box and eat a cheesestick. (:

Brandon Román said...

we can all drink some wine boise!!!