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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Well heeeelllllllllooooooo there!  It has been way too long since I've blogged, but I have a good reason...our wedding :)  Dad, Seth, and I left for the Thursday before the big day and made it safely to Utah for a weekend of busyness but good times!  So, to save time (and space), I'm just gonna jump right into a recap of all the festivities:

Shower/Bachelor Party:
On Friday night, our SLC friends organized a really nice shower with good food/drinks, fun games, and lots of memories!  This was actually perfect timing to have a get together with all our friends (a lot of whom came in from out of town) because in the coming months, several people will be moving away for school and such.  We started the night with a delicious BBQ and then moved on to our shower game: designing wedding gowns out of toilet paper - too funny!  Needless to say, our friends got creative and, by the end of the night, the yard was draped with the toilet paper :)  To wrap up the night, we moved it downtown to Bar X (a random bar that is owned by the guy who plays Phil on 'Modern Family') and met up with Andre and some other friends who were awaiting us downtown....good times!

Vera Wang, eat your heart out!

The whole gang together again!

The aftermath :)
Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner:
On Saturday, the wedding party met at the Grand Summit Hotel and, much to Mom's chagrin, took the gondola up to the Red Pine Lodge for a quick rehearsal.  With Brooke and Rev. Anita running the show, all went super smooth and soon it was off to our dinner at the Wasatch Brew Pub - yum!

Dinner was nice - we finally got some one on one time with the family!  It was a cool place to go, especially because it's a well known place in Park City (they brew local beer) and allowed us some time away from the resort to play some on Main St.  Dad, Mom, and Jack gave really nice toasts and Seth and I gave a quick thank-you speech to wrap-up dinner.

Luckily for us, Marita, Joesph, Marissa, and Peter offered to host the after party at their place just down the street.  As you will see from the pics, my siblings don't mess around when it comes to their lodging :)  They actually kind of lucked out thanks to a hotel error, and got the penthouse (a.k.a. the entire top floor of the hotel) with two hot tubs, two fire pits, and more amenities than you can shake a stick at :)  Needless to say, we let the good times roll before we rolled out and off to bed to rest up for the big day ahead!

The view from the top of the penthouse - sweet!

Us boys and our Mom's rehearsing our walk :)

Andrew and Seth at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Jack, Me, and Mindy at Wasatch Brew Pub.

Wedding Day
Wedding Day was perfect - even more than I could have hoped for!  We had an outdoor wedding and, despite my fears, the weather was just right - sunny and not too hot!  After a morning together, Seth and I separated to get ready for the wedding with our families.  Dad, Mom, Andre, Carol, and Lois helped me get ready and lookin' purdy - it really does take a village :)

Once everyone was all ready to go, we headed up the mountain on the gondola and waited for guests to arrive.  With the exception of a few special people, all of our family and loved ones were present to share in our special day.  (We had people come from near and far and appreciate you all so much for making the effort, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!)  And for those who weren't there to share in the day, my words can't do justice to the wonderful memories: good food, moving toasts, and fun times that were had, so I'm gonna let the pics do the trick!

Seth and I at the base of the gondola.

The Roman-Longhurst Wedding Party!

Me, Rev. Anita, and Seth during the ceremony.

True love <3

Sealing the deal with a kiss :)

Mother-Son Dance to "Mama" by Boyz II Men.

Gettin' down!!!

Our grand exit from the Red Pine Lodge.

After the wedding, we had all had such a good time that we rented a 32-passenger shuttle to take us to Main St. Park City for a post-party at Downstairs.  And the festivities didn't end there - we hosted a breakfast in our suite the following morning to say our last good byes and soak up the remaining moments of an amazing weekend!  And then, before we knew it, a year's worth of planning had come to a close and we were on our way back to DC to get back to reality!  But you know what, when you love life, reality isn't all that bad to get back too :)

The crew came over after a long night to say goodbye...and for bagels :)

Since being back, things have been busy playing catch up from a few weeks of doing nothing but wedding stuff.  Seth is still loving his new job, and I am starting the last week of my clerkship tomorrow.  With job interviews already lined up for a summer associate position next year, things are looking good :)  We are so lucky and blessed and recognize that every day...but mostly, we are blessed in the friendship department to have as many wonderful loved ones as you :)  Speaking of which, this Saturday, April 6, we get to see even more of our loved ones at the Open House that Mom is throwing!  Can't wait to see you there or wherever out paths may cross...but until then, just know you are loved very much by us :)  xo

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