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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dr. Jen Make a Housecall

Well, it's the end of another weekend, and I'm exhausted - totally not ready for a full week of work...but the show must go on :)

This weekend one of my best girlfriends, Jen, came to town.  Jen and I went to middle/high school together and have been close since then.  She is in Optometry School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and had a break this weekend...and luckily for me it coincided with both a break for Seth and I, so Jen hopped on a plane and headed to DC to see us :)

From the moment she got in on Thursday, it was a blast!  We spent most of the weekend eating...and eating some more!  But no more of that for a while, cause it's only 2 weeks til the wedding and I gotta make sure I fit into my tux :)

An extra bonus this weekend:  my cousin Chrys and her daughter Riley were in town, so Seth finally got to meet them!  Chrys' husband, Tom, is one of the coaches for the Colorado Rockies (who were in town playing the Nationals), and they were here for the game.  After a nice lunch with Chrys and Riley, we spent the evening at the baseball diamond and the Rockies pulled of a win :)

Seth, Jen, and I in the "Bullpen" outside the Nationals stadium.

After getting some much needed rest, it was up and at 'em on Saturday for another busy day of fun and friends.   Saturday evening we had a dinner party - salad, chicken enchilada casserole, chocolate chip cheesecake, and whit sangria - YUM!  Spent the first part of the night visiting and playing games before heading to Georgetown for a night of dancing.  It was actually really fun and, by the end of the night, my shirt was completely soaked in I guess I got my workout in :)

Jen getting ready for the party.

Jen, Me, and Tensie at McFadden's.

Today, after some much needed sleep (although not quite enough), we got up and headed off to brunch before taking Jen to the airport.  But this brunch wasn't just any brunch - it was DC's infamous Drag Queen Brunch!  We had been talking about going for a while now, and today we finally made it.  They have a yummy all-you-can-eat buffet, and the Drag Queen performances are an added bonus (for those who have never seen a Drag Queen perform, they are usually hilarious!)

Seth and a Queen.

Work those hips Queenie!

After going into a food coma and dropping Jen off at the airport, Seth and I headed home to wrap-up another weekend.  Seth starts his new job in the morning, and we officially begin the final countdown for to the Big Day!  Speaking of days, it's almost midnight and tomorrow is another day, so I'm off to bed.  Until the next time - much love!

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