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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New York, New York!

Hola amigos!  It's been yet another busy week, but busy is good :)  Last week, all I could think about was New York City...and before I knew it, the weekend was here and it was off to NYC we went!

If you remember, a while back I bought some tickets to a comedy club in New York.  Seth and I went to check it out and had a good time, so this time we made it into a trip and brought Brooke and Amy along with us for a reunion NYC style!  It's funny, because when the three of us lived across the country, New York was always our meeting spot...and now we are close enough to make it up in only four hours - yay!

New York on the way to the Holland Tunnel.

Amy and Brooke getting a nap in to rest up for the trip!

After making it safely to our hotel, we changed in our boating clothes and headed up to the New York City Yacht Club.  One of Amy's clients at her bank is a member, so she got us the hook-up :)  Unfortunately, the bar/restaurant isn't open on the weekend, but we did get to tour the place - pretty cool!  And who knows, now that we've seen it, maybe we will join one day with our own yacht :)

Brooke and Amy in the Yacht Club elevator.

NYC Yacht Club lounge.

After our tour of the Yacht Club and some good old fashioned shopping, it was back to the hotel to freshen up and meet Kristin (Brooke's cousin) and her boyfriend, Rob.  We ate dinner at our standby, Breeze Thai Cuisine - cheap food, cheap drinks, and SOOOO good :)  During dinner, I made friends with our table neighbors (this cute lady from Transylvania!) and actually gave her our extra ticket to the comedy show.  Speaking of which, the show was good...but I think Brooke's bantering back and forth with the comedian and all that ensued after (including a $215 free tab!) was my favorite part haha!  What happens in New York stays in New York :)

Me and Brooke pre-dinner dancing and ready for  a fun night!

Me, Brooke, and Amy at Breeze.

Sunday it was up and at 'em (at the last minute before check out time of course) and off for a nice lunch at Benito I in Little Italy.  It was delicious and a perfect day to eat outside and soak up some last little bit of New York City...there's nothing like it!  As lunch was coming to a close, Amy realized her purse was open and her wallet was gone...but luckily she had misplaced it in her shopping bag :)  And good thing she found it too, because we still had more shopping left to do!

Amy, Seth, and Brooke in Little Italy.

Bon Appetite!!!

After a food coma and more shopping, we hopped in the car and headed home to D.C. and back to reality...and now we're counting the days (8 of them) til we head to L.A. for my sister Marissa's wedding...and it's only 33 days til our own!!!  Til the next time - much love and lots of smiles!!!

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