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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NYC Part Deux seems like we were JUST in New York...oh wait, that's because we were!  Long before I won the tickets to the GLAAD Awards, I planned Seth's Birthday present a.k.a. a trip to New York...little did I know that it would fall only two weeks after the first trip.  Despite the basically back to back trips, we had a great time (who doesn't LOVE New York!?) and enjoyed the weekend together :)

To get there, we took the Bolt Bus (a non-stop bus from Union Station to Times Square) and enjoyed not having to drive the four hours through the traffic but taking some time instead to do school work and nap :)  We were pretty pooped on Friday, so we got some pizza and headed to bed to rest up for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday, we did the touristy thing (even though we've both been before) and went to Carnegie Deli and went on a walk through Central Park.  After Seth got a facial peel, we headed back to the hotel to change for our night on the town :)

Carnegie Deli sandwiches don't play, do the Mister Seth?

Saturday night, we headed uptown to Broadway to see...wait for it...Book of Mormon: The Musical!!!  I had been dying to see this and, after rave reviews, was lucky to be able to get us tickets!!!  It was actually hilarious and had good music good I've been singing the songs all week :)  After the play, we headed to the Gothem Comedy Club for a show.  I haven't been to a comedy show in a while and I forgot how much I enjoyed them!  It is was a smaller venue, so the comedians made fun of us for dressing up and for being a law student...but the guy who got made fun of the worst was a Chinese man named Hugo...but it was all in good fun and VERY funny :)

Backdrop of Book of Mormon: The Musical

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was nice...caught up on some sleep, got some work done, and headed back home to start another week.  And this week has brought so many good things already...the END of my legal writing class, nice weather, and (TOMORROW!) Seth's family comes to town :) :) :)  We are so excited and just can't wait!!!  Speaking of which, time to go to sleep so I can wake up and have it be tomorrow already :)  

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