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Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's World Pneumonia Day...literally!!!

So this weekend our friend Kody came in from Salt Lake.  He got in on Thursday and we were all ready for a good weekend...but do you believe in foreshadowing?  Well on Friday Kody went out exploring and came home to tell us that it was World Pneumonia Day and people were down at the Mall telling tourists about it...and wouldn't you know that he ended up getting really sick on Friday night and had to cut his trip short :(  I felt so bad that he would come all this way to see us and get sick...but at least we got in some fun times before the cold kicked in!  We went out in DuPont for Bar Review on Thursday night and then Friday headed to Old Town Alexandria for sushi and a walk through while it lasted but still had a blast with Kody even if it was only 48 hours :)

Seth and Kody outside an AMAZING wig hope in Old Town!
On Saturday, with Kody sleeping off his cold, Seth and I went to Maria's (my Dad's first wife) house to see some family over dinner and a good visit!  I love living back here cause it seems like we always have people coming to visit (especially my family of course!).  For example, Seth's old boss, Erni, was in town this weekend and, although we didn't get to see her, it's still cool to know that we live in a place that so many people pass through...and will hopefully say hello too while they're here :) (hint hint to you all!)  Anyway, it's about that time to sign out and get some sleep...I need to be rested up for my LAST FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! 

Me, Dad, Sophia, Jay, Maria, Tita, Maritere, Alvaro, and Sebastian at Maria and Jay's.

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Munchy's Mama said...

Yay for last full week of school! Boo that Kody was sick!
Yay for having fun family dinners
Boo that they're not with us...yet!