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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Frenzy

Hi again!!!  I have really been slacking at this whole Blog thing...but I'm back at it and trying to get into the swing of things before I start week!

After we got home from Utah I decided I was going to make the best of my extended summer and have as much fun as possible before becoming (as I like to call it) a "real person."  As you will see, I think I succeeded :)  However, since there is so much to report and pictures say it better (a.k.a. I'm lazy and waited to long for this update), I'm going to share my last month using pictures instead of words - but I promise that I will be better now that I have to be back on a schedule again :) / :(

Emily and I played tourist at the Botanical Gardens...

...but not at the Arboretum :(

After being tourist, it was off to kickball practice!

Went to NYC to try out for a game show
and saw my buddy Skyler...

...and also got to see Kristen and Rob :)

Gotta love living in D.C. (that's the White House in the background)

Skyler came to visit me in D.C. and we had a blast!

Me and Emily at the Fall Flannel Party...

...along with a ton of other flannel clad peeps :)

The H Street Fest is my FAVORITE!!!

Emily, me, and Seth 

Peter and Meghan (my future PB coworkers) and me at Happy Hour.

Matt's Band (Rounding Down) playing in Baltimore!

Emily and me at dinner post-concert...YUM!!!

Miss Adam's Morgan was the same night as
the Compliance and Ethics Institute - hehehe!

Team Sierra...the Queen and her Magic Toadstools!!!

Dinner with the crew at Mio (a Puertorican restaurant) for Tensie's visit!!!

Me and Tensie...loving Nellie's rooftop :)

Tensie and I :)

Tensie and I...sure do miss that girl already :(

Emily and Seth love carving pumpkins!

Seth's pumpkin creation :)

And with that, I've taken you through the last month of my many good times and many more to come...but first, it's time to get to work and become a "real person" :)  

1 comment:

Munchy's Mama said...

3rd Grader: How's high school Billy?

Billy Madison: High school is great. I mean I'm learning a lot. And all the kids are treating me very nice. It's great.

3rd Grader: Gee, I can't wait till I get to "hike" school.

Billy Madison: [grabs 3rd grader's face and whispers] Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that. Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.

Change "high school" for a "real person" hahaha. Glad you're having fun. Live it up! Til' next week.