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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Christmas Time in the City!!!

Hello again!!!  This time my hello greated all of you with much less stress and much more rest :)  Exams are done and I've officially only got ONE MORE SEMESTER to go - hallelujah!  Since the last time I blogged, I've been busy getting ready for the Holidays (we did an early Christmas with Mom and Dad since we'll be in Utah for Christmas Day), but this is the kind of busy I LOVE :)  I really do think I would have made a wonderful housewife if I hadn't gone to law school :) Anyway, on Friday night we went to the Patton Boggs Holiday Party (so fun and glad I was able to go!) before heading to Fredericksburg to kick off the weekend of festivities!  Saturday was wonderful: presents, a wonderful dinner in downtown Fredericskburg, and (of course) some QT with the fam!  Thanks Mom and Dad for making yet another Christmas wonderful!!!

Look who Santa left under our tree!

 This little choir was rockin' the mall - take a listen!

The Holiday Market in Chinatown - found some good stuff here!

Em and I took a break from shopping to play some pool in Brooks Brothers :)

Our WAY overdone Christmas (as always) at Mom's!!!
The festivities continued to Sunday with Friends' Christmas Dinner...and it was dee-lish!  I told Mom that although I was never the biggest fan of the show "Friends," I've grown to appreciate its message.  When you live in the city and your family isn't right around the corner (even though mine isn't all that far), it sure is nice to know you have your own little family in your friends...and I'm grateful for each of those special people and love them all very much!!!

Em is so artsy...gotta love this veggie tray :)

Rudolph the Red Nosed ReinBEER, had a very shiny nose!

The dining room table at V's is all set for Christmas Dinner...all grown up!

Veronica helping set up the delicious spread - yum!!!

The crew (wish I could figure out how to flip this!) at dinner.

No night is complete without some karaoke :)

Well, with our last weekend in D.C. before leaving to SLC behind us, it's time to get ready for the trip and all the fun to get ready for some fun-filled posts in the coming weeks :)  Until then, much peace, love, and happiness to you and yours in this Holiday season! 

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