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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Dollar

Hello there!  I'm sorry this has been a bit delayed, but between work and everything, life has been busy busy busy!!!  Being busy is actually a good thing though, because time really does fly by - it's hard to believe we are almost done with our 4th week at the firm!

Speaking of work, I have been really luck to have had a lot of really interesting assignments under the supervision of some amazing attorneys.  Our firm is full of great people, and the Recruiting Department makes sure we have a good time on top of all the hard work!  In fact, we usually have an activity at least once a week to take a break and get to know each other.  So far, we've had a welcome cocktail party to meet the other attorneys, played trivia as part of a game night, gone on a crab-boat cruise, watched a National's game from box seats, and celebrated the firm's 50th Anniversary with a party at the Washington Golf and Country Club...and lots more fun (and of course, hard work in between!) to come!

Me and the other Summers at the National's game with Screech!

Cassandra, Sunitha, Sally, and I on the crab-boat!
Aside from work, we are keeping busy with fun-filled weekends!  Two weekends ago we went to a wine festival in Virginia and camped overnight to enjoy the beautiful weather.  And this past weekend was the Capital Pride Festival...and boy did we have a good time!  We had people over before heading down to the parade...and then came back to our place...before heading out to dance the night away!  The next day?  Recovery by the pool with Seth and Veronica :)

Me and Veronica at the Wine Festival.

Audrey, Seth, and Veronica enjoying some wine and shade!

Veronica, Seth, Tensie, Brooke, and Matt heading to Pride!

Me and Brooke post-parade.

Brooke, Audrey, Veronica, and Tensie giving me a lift :)
Well, that's about all she wrote for tonight...but more to come soon!  Much love until then :)

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