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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Hello again everybody - long time, no see!  Now that the semester is DONE and I am officially HALF-WAY through with law school, my lameness from exams has come to a conclusion, I'm back in action, and am ready for a new Blog entry :)

Since my two weeks of exams were uneventful, there isn't much catching up to do about all that (although I did take a break between the two exams to meet a girlfriend that was visiting from Atlanta!)  While I don't know my grades yet, I think things went well and know I did my best :)  SOOO glad to be done!

Me & Alex outside of Front Page in DuPont.
Since being off from school, life has been even more jam-packed than before...but this time with parties and fun :)  To kick off our celebrations, Seth, my two friends (Tensie and Daniel), and I went to grab a margarita (or two pitchers) at Guapo's (an old standby for students at my school).    On Friday I spent most of the day getting ready for our party - cleaning, buying supplies, making appetizers/sangria, etc...  We had about a dozen of our close friends over to celebrate the end of another crazy semester!  But we didn't stop there...we had to get our dance on, so we headed downtown to boogie down :) 

Theo, Yasmine, Tensie, Veronica, Me, & Emily waiting on the Metro.

Seth & Yasmine boogying down :)
Saturday we were up and at 'em fairly early to meet Amy and Megan for brunch at LevelOne (again, in DuPont...kind of our stomping grounds).  As we were getting off the Metro, Seth looked at me and said: "Brandon, my wallet fell out in the Metro."  Shortly after speaking with the Metro guard at the station, Seth got a call from his credit card company with a message: some lady had found the wallet and left her number for Seth to call her so that he could come and get it.  It's so nice to see that there are still good people out there...and with the good news, we still made it to mimosa hour with time to spare :)

Meg & Me at brunch with our bottomless mimosa :)
The rest of our Saturday and Sunday evenings were full with dinners, holiday parties, and lots of fun!  Then, on Monday morning when the alarm went off, I looked at Seth, smiled, and laid back down :)  (Sorry babe!)  But, I haven't been a lazy daisy...I've been busy doing much needed Christmas preparation!  Our cards are out, shopping is almost done, and now we just have a few more details to wrap up before the weekend is here! 

The result of my shopping today!!!

The result of Honey playing with her new toy :)
And with that, I think you're about caught up in the life of Seth, Brandon, and Honey.  I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying the holiday season!  Between last minute Christmas activities, travel, etc... there is much more to come this weekend...but until then, much love and many well wishes :)


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Munchy's Mama said...

Wow...someone actually returned Seth's wallet? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So glad to hear...and omg, my mouth is WATERING looking at the bottomless mimosa. Yum. I'm so glad to see you're enjoying your time. YOU deserve it!