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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chrissy and Ryan Tie the Knot...Again!

Chrissy and...nope, that's not Ry - it's Seth silly!

Well, what a BUSY week it's been...and although living in D.C. has brought a lot of changes, it is SO WONDERFUL and we are loving every second of this new adventure!  We are pretty much all settled now and have enjoyed a week chocked full of love, attention, and VISITORS!!!  Amy (one of my best girlfriends) has been with us for about a week and a half and Brooke (one of my other best girlfriends) just arrived today from Denver.  These two are so much fun and I am grateful to spend time with them before I start school and they move into their new place (location is still TBD lol).  We have also had visits from several of my longtime friends here in Virginia to welcome us to the East coast and I am looking forward to many more visits during my next (and last) month of freedom before I am a slave to law school!!!  We even lucked out to get to spend some time in the city with my sister Marita and Seth's sister Chrissy who were both in the area visiting...which brings me to the moral of this blog post haha!!!

This past weekend Chrissy and Ryan were married at Smith Mountain Lake in the countryside of Virginia.  Long story short, Chrissy is pretty much the most amazing wedding planner ever!  Originally she and her husband were to be married in the spring of 2011...but in an effort to start saving for a home and to just get 'er done Chrissy took the bull by the horns and planned, not one, but TWO weddings in about two months...and they were both so wonderful!!!  She and Ryan were originally married in June back in Utah, but Ryan's parents are Long Island transplants now living on the lake so she organized another ceremony and reception back here for his family ...and lucky for us we are back here too so we got to attend the festivities twice!!!

Seth and I made the four hour drive down to Moneta, Virginia (it even sounds country don't it :D ) on Saturday morning and got there in time to help out with the last minute preparations before the ceremony.  Luckily for all in attendance we were blessed with a lakeside breeze (this past week has set new heat records across the state!) and a well stocked bar, so the weather was bearable!  Seth walked Chrissy down the aisle and gave her away and it marked exactly one year til he and I are to be wed ourselves.  Needless to say it was a very special night and I continue to realize how lucky I am to have been adopted into such a wonderful family as the Odoyle's...I mean Longhurst's! :)

The ceremony was so beautiful and totally perfect!
Chrissy took care of all the details...she even rented a carousel!!!
Seth and Chrissy know how to get down!


Munchy's Mama said...

Great to see the pics. That is so awesome you guys were there keepin' it real Odoyle style! Where are the super-handsome pics of you guys?

Daniel said...

Well I don't know how they did that! It took all of 13 months to pull my wedding together. It's hard work!

Brandon Roman said...

it is pretty amazing huh? it was great and more pics of the festivities are on facebook mindy :)